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'The Heart Specialist' Explores Affairs of Love

January 13, 2011

By // Tonya Pendleton, BlackAmericaWeb.com

After four years of sitting on the shelf, “The Heart Specialist” is finally hitting movie screens.

The romantic comedy, set in a South Florida hospital, delves into the romantic lives of several of its residents. Think “Grey’s Anatomy” with a few more African-Americans and even more humor. and you have the idea.

"The Heart Specialist" boasts several of black Hollywood’s most popular actors including Zoe Saldana, Wood Harris, Brian White and Jasmine Guy.

When Harvard graduate Dr. Ray Howard (White) arrives at his new residency, a more experienced doctor, Dr. Sidney Zachary (Wood), sees an opportunity. The older doctor has a great relationship with his girlfriend, Donna (Saldana), and thinks that the womanizing Howard could learn a few things about life and medicine. He makes a bet with Donna that he can school the younger man, and things move on from there, in hilarious fashion, of course.

“The Heart Specialist” is one of the latest offerings in the black rom-com genre, soon to be followed up by “Jumping The Broom” with Paula Patton, Angela Bassett, Las Alonso and Loretta Devine. Despite all the bad publicity that black love has gotten recently it appears there’s still a film market for it. (There’s a television market for it too, as BET made history when their Tuesday night premiere of “The Game” brought in 7.7. million viewers, becoming the highest ad-supported debut in cable history.)

Written and directed by Dennis Cooper, “The Heart Specialist” opens on 500 screens nationwide on Friday. Check out the trailer at www.theheart-movie.com.

Courtesy of Black Americaweb.com