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Under the Radar: 5 Names You Need to Know for This Week's Movies

February 20, 2012

By: Brian Salisbury

Here at?Under the Radar, our traditional modus operandi is to help spread the word about one up-and-coming actor/actress appearing in one of that week?s theatrical releases with whom you should get better acquainted. This week however, there are a plethora of new releases featuring scores of talented performers all right on the cusp of mega-stardom so it was difficult to narrow the field to just one. We have therefore put together a list of the top five names we think you should know at the multiplex this week.

Brian White?(Good Deeds)
Brian White will be lighting up screens this weekend in the latest Tyler Perry film?Good Deeds. White is an actor of whom I became a huge fan during his stint on the incredible FX series?The Shield. On the show, White plays a hardnosed cop who gets assigned to the dark, morally nebulous strike team headed by Vic Mackey; mixing up the group?s longstanding dynamic and serving as the catalyst for the biggest shocker of the second season. He also appeared in Rian Johnson?s phenomenal neo-noir?Brick?and is set to co-star in Joss Whedon?s?The Cabin in the Woods; my most highly anticipated movie of 2012. I am really interested to see where this guy?s career takes him.?

The other four up-and-coming actor/actresses are:

Justin Theroux?(Wanderlust)

Jennifer Carpenter?(Gone)

Ken Marino?(Wanderlust)

Sebastian Stan?(Gone)

Courtesy of hollywood.com