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Brian White: No Time to Settle

March 3, 2012

Written By: Ashley
Photo credit ? Emily Perez
Stylist ? Felipe G

Brian White stars in his third Tyler Perry film' Good Deeds' but much like Perry?s films' every role he takes proves that he is anything but routine and ordinary. Whether Brian is searching for potential movie scripts with just the right dynamic character personality to offer a challenge' participating in Black Carpenter (he is the co-founder)' a youth empowerment brand that aims to provide tools and essential life skills to the next generation and' as he states on his website' is "a message of hope' perseverance and achievement for young people' as it is mine'" helping out with Phunk Phenomenon (of which he is also the co-founder)' an urban dance theater that seeks to use dance as the "catalyst for youth outreach'" or just trying to convince his wife to let him go sky diving (she has repeatedly put the kibosh on any attempts)' he is constantly striving to better himself' his community' and wage a war on his biggest pet peeve' complacency.

Good Deeds' Brian claims' is Perry?s "most personal script yet." He goes on to say' "At the onset of the movie' Tyler?s character' Wesley Deeds' is getting ready to get married to the fantastic Gabrielle Union?s character [Natalie] and then we all meet Thandie?s [Newton] character and the movie is a result of what happens from there. I play Walt Deeds' Wesley Deed?s brother. Basically our two characters are like opposite sides of the same coin. We grew up in an affluent household?our dad is a big real estate mogul. My character grew up always wanting to be just like dad' and Tyler?s character grew up wanting to do his own thing. As circumstances dictate' he is now in the position where he has become dad and that has brought a lot of success' but not necessarily a lot of happiness. It is a cautionary tale about doing everything to create whatever the world defines as success and not ever checking in with yourself and ensuring that you are following your own passion." After reading the script' Brian called Perry back the next day. "I said' ?Hey man' I?d love to support you. Tell me what you need me to do.?" He tells me' "You know' these characters don?t come from a book. There?s no source material other than Tyler?s heart' mind' and soul' so it was a chance for me' as an actor' to really exercise trust. There is not a blue print that I can always see. I have to trust his eyes' his mind' his heart' and be led."

Acting' however' was not the original career path Brian hoped to pursue. He played in both the NFL' for the New England Patriots' and the NLL (lacrosse) until an injury forced him to reassess his career path. He attended Dartmouth College' studying political science' psychology' and theater arts. He made ends meet by becoming a licensed stock broker' working on Phunk Phenomenon' doing TV commercials' modeling' and eventually acting' landing a role on the 90?s sitcom Moesha. When asked what criteria he looks for when choosing a role' Brian tells me' "I don?t think I have ever done the same thing twice. I?ve always been interested in character roles because I feel like that?s how you develop longevity. I play myself every day in life so' for me' choosing roles and choosing what I work on is about three things: trying something new as an artist' working with people you admire' whether that be the writer' producer' director' or cast' and the third thing is that it?s my job' so there is a financial component. Of those three things' I try to ensure that there are always two of them at work on anything I pick."

While Good Deeds is a sure?hit' Brian isn?t slowing down anytime soon. In fact' he has another movie coming out in April' Cabin in the Woods' a horror flick starring Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford. "There is nothing that has ever been made' or that I have ever seen' that is like Cabin in the Woods. It?s a 30 million dollar horror/comedy/sci-fi/action/drama extravaganza. Expect a lot and I think the movie will exceed expectations. I have actually seen Cabin [the finished product] and the last thirty minutes I think I clawed through my seat. It was pretty wild." While scary movies might not appeal to all' this all-star cast and intense storyline will be sure to bring in all sorts of movie goers.

Now' you ask' what the hell does this man do to relax? One word: golf. "Right now'? he says' ?My favorite hobby is golf because I get to zone out. Also' the more you focus and try' the worse you are at it. I think it?s a really good life building skill. If you can zone out and zen out' you can do a lot of stuff better.?" ?Brian is obviously not the type to settle for mediocrity. In fact' he hates complacency. "I?ve always seen my parents' my step-parent' my grandparents' strive to be better every day than the last. Nobody that I consider a close friend' or have in my inner circle' can I accuse of being complacent with anything in their lives." This drive to always be better can be seen in the evolution of his work. From his brief role on Moesha' to the box office hits he appears in now' this actor is not afraid to take risks. He writes' on his website' "My promise to myself?whether the platform be film' TV' or theater' is to attempt to seek out material that is challenging: mentally' emotionally' physically' and spiritually." I think it?s safe to say that this is only the beginning for what Brian will accomplish.

Courtesy of suavv.com