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'Law In A Barrel' ? Beauty and the Beast Episode 1.16 ?Insatiable? MVA Revealed

March 20, 2013

Posted by Jayne Balke

It'd be easy to say Vince and Cat stole the show on this week's?MVA?episode of?Beauty and the Beast, but one character made a more subtle impression on the feel and drive behind various events. That character was Officer Joe Bishop (played by?Brian White). He's been simmering in the background like the early stages of a bush fire ? waiting to erupt with passion and aggression. He stepped closer to his brother's killer than he ever had before, and if it wasn't for the leaks within his task force he'd have found and killed Vincent by now. Lucky for us ? perhaps not lucky for a man on a hunt for?vengeance.

TESS CONFRONTS CAT? ? Cat (Kristin Kreuk) is forced to reveal things that she had been keeping from Tess (Nina Lisandrello) to salvage their relationship, and to protect Vincent (Jay Ryan).?? Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) is suspicious of everyone in the department, while Evan (Max Brown) witnesses Cat doing something that changes his opinion of her, making him even more determined to track down the beast.? Brian White also stars.

Once we get past the steamy sexy times, we arrive at a crime scene decorated in the vigilante's fingerprints. Or is it? Despite Catherine's knowledge this isn't the work of Vincent, she can't convince anyone else ? especially not Joe. He is a man worn down by the injustice of his brother's murder, and it shows. When he gets into an argument with Gabe, it's a shoot-first-ask-questions-later mentality that leaves us wondering how stable he truly is.

?The full extent of the law is at the end of my barrel.? ~ Joe

Joe's wavering courage spills out when he sidelines Tess (shame he doesn't know it led her straight to Vincent), and he confesses it's because he doesn't want her to get hurt. She retaliates by questioning his actions as her boss, and despite feeling a little sad for his wife, we can't help but love his zeal to protect her. The fact that Tess tracked down all those witnesses and then presented her findings to Joe reminds us that he now knows there's something animalistic to the vigilante ? even if he doesn't believe diddly squat at this stage.

?He doesn't just want to catch you ? he wants to kill you.? ~ Cat

The utmost desire Joe has had for revenge leaves him looking somewhat bewildered when the force arrives at Vincent's warehouse ? only to have it explode before their eyes. It was fantastic to see White's character developed further, and not such a 'background' piece in the game. Now we can't help but wonder ? will Tess tell Joe (as he is her lover AND boss) that she's found Darius' killer? And if he does find out, what lengths will he go to knowing that he's able to place the trigger against the beast's head and shoot him? That HE can be the one to decide Vincent's fate? Something tells me this isn't the last we've seen of raging fire Joe Bishop.

Courtesy of tvafterdarkonline.com