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WARM2Kids was founded by former Boston Celtic and philanthropist M.L. Carr, who has a long history with youth mentoring programs, and developed in association with nationally recognized family therapist Dr. Lonnie Carton.

WARM2Kids’ heart and substance is its web site (www.warm2kids.net), based on the fundamental concept that the preventive – not the curative – approach is more successful in addressing difficult issues faced by young people and families today. Fueled by heavy involvement of celebrities and leaders from across the country, the site offers members the opportunity to learn from the personal trials and triumphs of well-known and respected personalities as well as from everyday role models. The uncut interviews give rare insight to the lives and history of these noted individuals.

The information can be obtained anonymously and at any time of the day. The site also offers valuable resources including background, symptom and treatment information on various family, health and social issues, and a forum to post questions to experts. WARM2Kids’ memberships offer unlimited access to the extensive online resources, member card and role model number, celebrity role model information center and offline events as well as savings opportunities and promotions from WARM2Kids partner vendors.

WARM2Kids is funded by individual $25 annual membership fees, corporate sponsorships and fees from partner vendors. The company donates 25 percent of its net profits to the WARM2Kids Charitable Foundation, which supports youth education and development programs in addition to providing hope to struggling youth, families and organizations through scholarships, grants and unique celebrity-backed mentoring and role model programs.

> Visit the Official Website at www.warm2kids.net